Lets talk Video Streaming…

As we transition from our old failed business….

I have been working on some projects involving video/audio streaming to You Tube Live and Facebook.

I have finalized the setup at Church(St. John’s Lutheran Church) to stream the services every Sunday and have been trying to get things to work at home too. At Church, we have 3 cameras, a dedicated video switcher, and the computer to mix and broadcast. We use vMix software on the computer and use it to bring in the video stream, mix audio, and provide for overlays and other effects. The vMix software also takes care of all the streaming to You Tube Live and also out over a dedicated cat5 line to our fellowship hall to the projector there. This allows for anyone in the fellowship hall/kitchen to be a part of the service LIVE.

For home, I am using 2 of the same older cameras, and ooold video switcher, a Diamond Multimedia VC500 capture dongle, and my i5 laptop running vMix. Not the best setup, but it works…. Also working on getting a wireless mic working with it but I think I need a pre-amp from the reciever.

Well, When we get a break and get rid of some stuff, we plan to get a new computer since my laptop is not very suited for the job that we want to do. With that, We will still be using vMix for our software but we would really love to upgrade cameras in the future. As such, our CHOICE of cameras will be PTZOptics cameras.

The cameras we would like to use are the PTZOptics 12X USB and the PTZOptics 20X USB. These would plug right into the USB3 ports on the new computer and run flawlessly with the vMix software. I believe we could even control the camera movements using the PTZ control built into the vMix software. The Quality and reliability of the PTZOptics equipment is superb and the price is great for the quality of the equipment.

So, Church is running good and streaming video and audio live every Sunday. Home is still a work in progress. Hopefully I will be able to have a very light, compact system for home for my every day use but also with the capability to use as a streaming system also. I plan on it being fairly portable for recording and streaming of Thurmont Ridge performances also. This would be our ideal solution, but as we have such a limited income this may take a long time to accomplish. We will see. If I could find a way to make a business out of this and get some help with equipment and finances, We could get this thing going. I would love to live stream for others as a business…..

Thanks all.

Peace and Blessings.