St. John’s Video System Project

Welcome to:

The St. John’s Video System Project!

We wanted to be able to broadcast(Stream) the services live on the internet. Well, a couple years ago we started streaming audio and that was fairly simple. It just didn’t prove very interesting for people so they just didn’t tune in. They didn’t want to just Listen to the service.

So, The last couple months I had purchased some video equipment and started streaming the 8:00 am services on YouTube Live. People loved it! When they couldn’t make it to church, they could still SEE the service. I received very positive comments about the services that we streamed.

So, The OFFICIAL video system is under way.

I went to the Church council with the project and at first it was put on hold. After the testing that I did with my own equipment, I showed the council how the response has been and they approved the project. So, with a budget I found equipment that would meet our needs and began purchasing everything we needed.

The equipment list consists of:

  • 1 Roland VR3 AV mixer
  • 2 Canon VC-C3 PTZ Cameras
  • 1 Canon VC-C3R PTZ Camera (hangs upside down for ceiling mount)
  • 1 Dell computer with i5 processor, 8 Gb Ram, 1Tb Hard Drive
  • 1 Huddlecam HD Joystick controller
  • various control cables, video cables, and camera mounts
  • vMix Software for streaming

You ask, Why do you need a computer if you have an AV mixer? Well, The mixer just mixes the signals from the audio and video sources and outputs them thru a USB cable to the computer. The computer runs the vMix software to take the video and audio and add extra effects and things like the titles and videos and photos that may be needed for a service.

So, as of now, we have the three cameras temporarily set up with the VR3 and the computer and it works good…. No… Great! We are currently getting the rest of the equipment shipped to us. Everything else should be here by the end of the week.  SO, Stay tuned for updates……

Peace and Blessings.